Charmian Keay, violinist

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Released in September 2010 by blumlein records LC 13941

Diversions - Autour du hautbois

Marika Lombardi (oboe), Erika Bliznik (clarinet), Charmian Keay (violin), Joe Ichinose (viola), Raphaël Schwab (double bass), Nigel Keay (conductor) perform Nigel Keay's Diversions for Quintet.

This CD also includes the music of Edwin Carr, Geoffrey Grey, & Anthony Ritchie performed by Marika Lombardi and Debra Takakjian (piano).

Listen to Charmian Keay playing in Diversions for Quintet. audio mp3

cd cover   Released in December 2011 by blumlein records LC 13941

Nigel Keay - Music for Small Groups

Eugene Lee (violin 1), Charmian Keay (violin 2), Joe Ichnose (viola) and Gabriel Casalis (cello) perform Nigel Keay's String Quartet No. 2

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Released April 2015

Nigel Keay - the dancer leads the procession

Thomas Hutchinson (oboe), Jean-Marc Fessard (clarinet), Charmian Keay (violin), Nigel Keay (viola), & Raphaël Schwab (double bass) perform Nigel Keay's Diversions for Quintet.



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